Innodb Multi-core Performance

There's been a lot of rumors floating around internally at Yahoo that it's best to turn off some of your CPU cores when using Innodb, especially if you have a machine with > 4 cores.  At this point there's no question in my mind that Innodb doesn't perform much better when you double your cores from 4 to 8, but I really wanted to know if 8 actually performed worse. 

To test, I used a Dell 2950 with 6 drives and a simple mysqlslap test script.  There's basically no I/O going on here, just a small table in memory being queried a lot.  To be fair, I actually got this test from Venu.  I used maxcpu=4 in my grub.conf to limit the cpus (I also tested with tasksel and it seemed to have the same effect as maxcpu).

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