A proposal for some features of Drizzle async replication

 (or at least some ideas)

I really enjoyed David Shrewsbury's presentation about Drizzle replication today at the MySQL conf 2011. It's not that Drizzle replication is fully fleshed out, but it sure seems like it's got all the necessary components to make it dramatically better than stock MySQL replication, at least from the HA perspective.

Here's some things that Drizzle replication (or MySQL replication, for that matter) needs for me to be able to improve on the Master HA technique that is used at Yahoo:


I/O Thread delay trick

  I was debugging some repl delay monitoring metrics and I noticed that the test I was doing (sysbench --test=oltp prepare) to generate replication data was far outstripping the slave.  The SQL thread was caught up to the IO thread, but the IO thread was way behind the master.
    Replicating from: 
    Master:                     a2_db_bcp_re1.000166/138395515
    Slave I/O:          Yes     a2_db_bcp_re1.000165/802640907  ???
    Slave Relay:        Yes     a2_db_bcp_re1.000165/802030586  596K
  198 secs


  In this case, the I/O thread was getting further and further behind as sysbench did bulk inserts into my master.  My theory is that a lot of relatively small binary log records simply don't transfer efficiently.  That leaves the SQL thread idle some of the time waiting for the IO thread, and leads it inefficient replication.
   I poked around the replication options manual page, looking for something to help and found this:  slave_compressed_protocol

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