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I recently got this email from a reader on my site and since I haven't posted for a while, I thought it might be a good discussion:


I've been reading your site and had a question that you might have good insight for.  

I'm working on a high-traffic website that includes forums.  All the code is custom PHP, including the forums, simply because the PHP BB software out there doesn't scale as large and as well as I wanted.  I've implemented heavy memcached usage, distributed databases, etc. to handle any level of growth we may hit.

The scoop on Innodb reads

I spent some time going through the source the other day in order to try to understand the difference between these SHOW STATUS variables in 5.x:


Here's what I discovered that I'm not sure is 100% right, but I suspect is at least on the right track:

Innodb_buffer_pool_read_requests:  requests to get something from the buffer pool.  This isn't really that great of a mystery.  I suspect these are 'direct' read requests, meaning those caused directly from a query of some kind.  

MyQ Gadgets 0.0.9 released

A new version of myq_gadgets has been released and you can download it here.

Changelog since the last released version here:
Version 0.0.9 -
    - Documented new reports in README
    - Updated 'thds' column in the 'cttf' report to read 'crtd' instead.
Version 0.0.8 -
    - Added a bunch more innodb reports, looking for the good stuff.
Version 0.0.7 -
    - Added an 'innodb' mode to myq_status to support 5.0+ STATUS variables.
      'myq_innodb_status' continues to handle SHOW INNODB STATUS output,
      mostly for 4.1 and earlier.
    - Beefed up the format_memory function to use recursion to determine the
      appropriate output multiplier (tera, giga, mega, kilo, etc.)

STATUS variables: the difference between innodb_pages_read and innodb_buffer_pool_reads

I haven't gotten any responses to my question from Friday, so I figured I'd post a more direct question:

The two variables 'innodb_pages_read' and 'innodb_buffer_pool_reads' are different.  'Innodb_pages_read' seems consistently higher than the buffer_pool_reads.  Certainly the buffer pool reads 'pages', but what else would be counted as a page read?

On the flip side, 'innodb_pages_written' and 'innodb_buffer_pool_pages_flushed' seem consistent.  

Anyone have any clues?

It's all about the metrics, but what do they mean?

I'm working on an update to my myq_gadgets package for 5.1, particularly the innodb stats tracker.  I'm liking the additional stats that are in SHOW STATUS now for Innodb, particularly because I don't need to parse SHOW INNODB STATUS anymore.  I'm in love with being able to compare logical to physical I/Os for the buffer pool.  

I'm a bit confused, however, as some of my numbers don't quite line up.  Here's what I've got so far:

            | Innodb Engine       Buffer Pool                        Data                     Log       Lock
Time         read  ins  upd  del  new read %phy wrte %phy %dirt wait read      wrte      fsyc wrte fsyc wait time
02/22-10:06  3.8k    0    0    0    0 9.8k  259 15.0  0.1   0.0    0  351 6.6M  0.9 2.6K  0.9  0.7  0.8    0    0
02/22-10:07  5.6k    0    0    0    0  14k  344 21.8  0.1   0.0    0  461 8.7M  1.3 3.9K  1.3  1.0  1.1    0    0

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