No conference for me, *sniff*

Submitted by jay on April 8, 2008 - 1:38pm

*Sigh*, well I won't be making it out to the conference this year:  My wife is due any day now with our third child.  Scheduling to fly to California next week just doesn't seem like it falls under the category of "supporting my wife."  

Top ten things I'll miss about the mysql conference 2008:
  1. How replication is dead
  2. Why 5.1 isn't stable yet
  3. How wonderful Sun/Maria/Falcon/Cluster/6.x/Proxy is
  4. Grilling Heikki about Innodb internals and bottlenecks
  5. Wringing more information about high performance MySQL from Paul Tuckfield
  6. The food!
  7. Vendor / O'Reilly Swag
  8. How great MySQL will run on Sun hardware
  9. Conference Day 3 daze -- that part of the conference where your eyes start to glaze over. 
  10. Getting really, really sick of talking about MySQL
Have fun everyone, see you next year!

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Congrats in advance! I hope

Congrats in advance! I hope all will go well with your wife, baby and yourself.

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