MyQ Gadgets 0.0.6 released

Submitted by jay on January 16, 2008 - 12:19pm

Thanks to those who tried it out and left feedback, much appreciated.

  • Changed /usr/local/bin/perl to /usr/bin/env perl to make the open source crowd happy.  Make sure the proper perl directory is first in your $PATH    
  • Made the usage string contain the valid modes in myq_status
  • Added check for mysql binary in
  • Quoted the --password option in to handle passwords with strange characters in them.
  • Setup default options string to be clearer which options are available to the scripts (like -? and -d)
  • Bumped the minimum repeat time for myq_status down to 1 second.  Note that it still might take more than 1 second for the check to run.

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"to make the open source

"to make the open source crowd happy"?

Are you not one of them?

jay's picture

As compared with my original

As compared with my original users of this product:  internal Yahoo users who were just fine with /usr/local/bin/perl. 

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